Special Needs & Disabled

My child has Down’s Syndrome. Who will manage the funds set aside for her when I am no longer able to do so? My child has always been a little bit different and I know he will need some help when I’m gone around. What can I do to secure his future? My sister is quadriplegic and requires care 24/7. How can I be sure that there is money to pay for more than just the basics?
My daughter has schizophrenia and has lived with me all her life. Where will she live after I am gone? My child has autism. How can I leave an inheritance to her without disqualifying her for public benefits? My disabled brother has Multiple Sclerosis. He just got a law suit settlement. Can he continue to receive government assistance?
My child has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Who will advocate for her when I can no longer do so myself? My son who was disabled by HIV receives supplemental social security income. Is he getting all the government assistance he is entitled to? How can I find government services that might benefit my son, who is disabled due to substance abuse?

Whether your special needs dependent is affected by autism, spectrum disorders, birth defects, mental illness, substance abuse, cerebral palsy, diabetes, developmental, emotional or cognitive disabilities, or disabilities resulting from accident or illness, Drazen Law Group, LLC can help. Our skilled, experienced and compassionate professionals will empower you to protect your special needs loved one’s financial rights, legal rights, eligibility for public benefits, quality of life and more—now and in the future.

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Experience peace of mind
Drazen Law Group’s Pathways for Special Needs approach features a seven-step process that produces customized solutions and a variety of benefits.

  • Special Needs Discovery
  • Special Needs Destination
  • Special Needs Defining
  • Special Needs Design & Development
  • Special Needs Decision
  • Special Needs Deployment
  • Special Needs Check-In

I’m not afraid anymore…
“Attorney Drazen and his team of caring professionals helped me protect my daughter’s future. My fear is gone…” Satisfied Client, Milford, CT

Guidance when you need it
Drazen Law Group, LLC offers a wide variety of special needs and disability planning services, including:

  • Special Needs estate planning
  • Supplemental care trusts
  • Disability applications
  • Links to support groups
  • Conservatorships for disabled children
  • Tax planning
  • Life Care Planning