Seniors and their Families

Aging, chronic illness and long-term disability raise tough questions for families

How can my siblings and I make sure mom and dad are safe and cared for without over-burdening any one of us? How can I find a good long-term care facility for my husband? How will I pay for it? How will financial and health care decisions be made for me if I can't make them for myself?
Can Mom give her house to an adult child to keep it from being taken by the state? What happens to Mom if Dad has to go into a nursing home? I found Mom wandering the other day and she is not taking her medication. What can I do?
Mom has Alzheimer’s and dad just had a stroke. Where do I turn for help? What if something bad happens to my husband in the nursing home? What public benefits am I entitled to and what do I have to do to qualify for them?

Whether your elderly loved one is affected by a chronic illness like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or disabilities resulting from accident, illness or stroke, Drazen Law Group, LLC can help. 

Our multidisciplinary Elder Law, Estate Planning and Life Care Planning firm helps families respond with confidence to the financial, legal, health, emotional and relational challenges created by wealth accumulation, long life, chronic illness and disability. Our skilled, experienced and compassionate professionals will empower you during your elderly loved one’s long-term care journey. 

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No two situations are alike!
Drazen Law Group’s Pathways through Longevity approach features a seven-step process that produces customized solutions and offers important benefits.

  • Longevity Discovery Pathway
  • Longevity Destination Pathway
  • Longevity Defining  Pathway
  • Longevity Design & Development Pathway
  • Longevity Decision Pathway
  • Longevity Deployment Pathway
  • Longevity Check-In Pathway

I’m not afraid anymore…
“Attorney Drazen and his team of caring professionals helped me develop a plan for mom’s care. My fear is gone…” Satisfied Client, Milford, CT

Guidance when you need it
Drazen Law Group, LLC offers a wide variety of estate planning and elder law services, including: