Estate Builders

Wondering how to manage your growing estate while planning for the future?

We have three kids. How will we pay for their college? Will we have to postpone retirement because we haven’t saved enough? How can I make sure that I don’t outlive my assets?
How can I avoid the triple taxation of retirement benefits? How can I protect inheritances in the event that a child or grandchild is divorced? What can I do to protect my estate from creditors and the creditors of my children?
What can I do to spare my survivors the hassle and expense of probate after my death How can I minimize death, gift and income taxes? How can I protect my business and family from the claims of future creditors in the event of an unfavorable judgment?

The estate planning professionals at Drazen Law Group, LLC can help you answer even the toughest questions created by the accumulation and transition of wealth.
Estate planning is a strategic process that helps you protect every type of wealth, including business assets, investments, retirement plans and life insurance. A well-crafted estate plan can smooth probate proceedings, reduce tax liability, preserve a family business or protect an inheritance from ending up in the wrong hands. 
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It’s never too early to develop an estate plan!
Drazen Law Group’s Pathways to Prosperity approach features a seven-step process that produces customized estate plans and a wealth of benefits.

  • Prosperity Discovery Pathway
  • Prosperity Destination Pathway
  • Prosperity Defining  Pathway
  • Prosperity Design & Development Pathway
  • Prosperity Decision Pathway
  • Prosperity Deployment Pathway
  • Prosperity Check-In Pathway

I didn’t think it could be done …
“Attorney Drazen and his team helped me develop an estate plan that met all my objectives.” Satisfied Client, Milford, CT

From the simple to the complex
Drazen Law Group, LLC offers a wide variety of estate planning and tax planning services, including:

  • Wills
  • Advance directives
  • Gifting strategies
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Trusts & trust administration
  • Special needs planning