Pathways for Entrepreneurs

It’s your pathway to peace of mind

Drazen Law Group, LLC’s Pathways for Entrepreneurs approach features seven distinct pathways of inquiry that enable our team to craft a solution that is a perfect fit for your unique situation.

1.Entrepreneur Discovery Pathway. This important first step involves a look in the rear view mirror and a close examination of your situation today.You will answer questions like “Where you are now and where you have been?" "What are the dangers you're facing that are keeping you up at night?” "What opportunities are you presented with?" "What are the strengths you possess to overcome these dangers and take advantage of these opportunities?" and “What do you want us to know in order to understand your family, your situation and your values?”

2.Entrepreneur Destination Pathway. The next step looks toward the future and involves setting goals. You will answer questions like “What do you want to achieve?” “What is important to you?” “How broad should the scope of our planning be?” “What would have to happen in order for you to be comfortable with your plan?” “What kind of legacy do you want to leave?” and “What has to happen for you to consider your plan to be a success?”

3.Entrepreneur Defining Pathway. Drazen Law Group develops several “if/then” scenarios that could help you overcome the dangers, take advantage of the opportunities. We explain the laws that apply in your situation, as well as the tools and techniques available to achieve your goals. After this conversation, you will understand why certain planning strategies may be appropriate while others may not.

4.Entrepreneur Design & Development Pathway. Drazen Law Group develops options for you to consider at different service levels - typically simple, moderate and comprehensive.

5.Entrepreneur Decision Pathway. After you have had time to consider your options and ask questions, Drazen Law Group guides you through the process of selecting the plan that best fits your needs.

6.Entrepreneur Deployment Pathway. Implementation begins here. Depending on the level of service you choose, staff members will work with you to complete the tasks required to put your plan into action.

7.Entrepreneur Check-In Pathway. Whenever the passage of time, a change in laws or a change in health or financial circumstance causes you to wonder if your plan is still up to date, just give us a call. We will review your plan and determine if anything is necessary to keep your business on course.

Continuing support is our goal. We are always here for you!

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