Active Seniors

Are you prepared to make the most of your retirement years?

How can I make sure that I don’t outlive my retirement savings? If I get sick, how can I know that my spouse will be able to live comfortably? What can I do to avoid putting my children through probate after I’m gone?
How can I avoid the triple taxation of retirement benefits? What can I do to minimize death, gift and income taxes? How can I stay in control of my future and finances as my health begins to decline?

Whether you are recently retired or planning to retire in the near future, Drazen Law Group, LLC can help you lay the groundwork for a secure financial future. Preserve and protect family wealth, business assets, investments, retirement plans and life insurance. Avoid probate, reduce tax liability and maintain control of the assets you worked a lifetime to accumulate.

We have helped hundreds of individuals and families pave the way for a secure retirement. We can help you, too.

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Stay in Control!
Drazen Law Group’s Pathways to Independence approach features a seven-step process that puts you in the driver’s seat of your retirement and benefits you in many ways.

  • Independence Discovery Pathway
  • Independence Destination Pathway
  • Independence Defining  Pathway
  • Independence Design & Development Pathway
  • Independence Decision Pathway
  • Independence Deployment Pathway
  • Independence Check-In Pathway

We are so relieved …
“Attorney Drazen and his team helped us fill the gaps in our plans to fund our retirement.” Satisfied Client, Milford, CT

It’s not too late to get started
Even if you put off planning, Drazen Law Group, LLC help you plan for a prosperous retirement.